Does anyone else feel guilty for not having read authors yet? So many books, so little time. I constantly feel like I'm just playing catchup.

Just started reading Mary Gaitskill and Don't Cry, a marvelous volume of short stories. Someone on Gawker recommended her, who was that? Thanks. Can't believe I'm just finding her.

I have read 2 out of 3 so cannot be accused of ignoring Donna Tartt but I have not yet read The Goldfinch despite it being published last October to glorious reviews. Because if I crack it and read it, then it will be over. This one I sort of don't feel guilty about because I'm waiting to savor it, but then again it's hard when a friend brings it up and I have to quell the discussion because I don't want any spoilers. Guess I need to read it. She blows me away, I bow to Donna Tartt. Also, I appreciate how she has only written three novels. She's a nice antidote to the freakish productivity of a Joyce Carol Oates or Stephen King.

Who have you not gotten around to reading yet or are saving for when you break a leg or are snowed in with no Gawker?