There are so many things not to do, and so little time in which to not do them.

Some Asshole, Italianator

So many things not to do, like writing.

That's the first thing you jettison off your to-do list, well, that and filing your taxes. There's always an episode of Game of Thrones, or a Youtube video of a cat being a dick, or personal obligations of a sexual nature, or, worst of all, gainful employment, that comes along and takes its spot.

The biggest distraction of all is Gawker. This shit here's a real time-wasting engine.

Those little flames represent the hours of your life you've given over to clicking on posts entitled This ____Video Will Make You____.

So, what's a person to do? That video is very _____. How can I help but be ____? Well, don't despair! I have a solution that will make your procrastination problem double triple!


I know, I know. It sounds too good to be true. Yet it is. True.

The solution is simple:

Waste Your Time By Writing On Gawker and Kill Two Birds With One Stone.

A Word About Decorum


I'm cool with opening this forum to anyone willing to post their writing, to stepping back and letting things play out as they may.

We all know how well that would play out.

I'd rather not read the erotic works of Hot Pockets.

Well, maybe if it was really good—like written by the Anaïs Nin of hot pocketry.

Rules of the Forum:

  1. No Trolling.
  2. I mean it. I will delete your post and ban your ass.
  3. Post whatever type of writing you want. There are no restriction on genre, length, format, subject, or language. Though, as a courtesy to others, and probably to yourself, you might want to ask someone to review your work for spelling, etc.


Some Questionable Advice:

  • If you don't want any feedback, you should probably not allow replies to your post. Feedback is not a prerequisite for participating, but some of us have opinions and such.
  • Take advantage of the formatting tips on this post: Servicey
  • Remember that this a public forum, on the Gawkernet. Caveat scriptor.

So, that's pretty much it. I have appointed another admin to help oversee the forum and keep the chaos to a minimum. He can identify himself in the comments, if he so wishes, or he can remain anonymous to strike fear in the hearts of trolls and transgressors. I'm cool either way.


If you want to participate, let me know below. Feel free to crosspost.