After much deliberation between airplanegirl and myself, we decided to focus on an event rather than an opening plot. That way there's not restrictions since creative genius knows no bounds.


Writing length: Because so many people want to do this, let's go with a five page limit and a one week deadline (if you need more time, just let us know. Life happens.) Your writing can be any time frame of the story, including prequels and sequels.

Characters: This can get a bit tricky; keep in mind that the characters in our stories will be intertwining and other writers will probably use your characters in their stories.
Following that, once you have a concrete idea about your characters, write up a bio so the other writers know how to work them in their stories, and post it below. Please do this as soon as you get your characters in mind so that it won't hold up the writing process.

In case you have any questions about any character (or if you plan to kill them, make them fall in love with your character, infect them with a deadly disease or something like that) we encourage you to contact its writer and see how that fits into the plot he or she has prepared for the character.

As this progresses, I'll update this post with the characters and their backgrounds.


Genre: There's no specific genre to this story; it's open to all. The stories should have cohesiveness. However if it's clear that the setting is futuristic,don't throw a time machine in and send in werewolves unless it fits the plot.
Just in case someone isn't familiar with a particular genre (I know almost nothing of steampunk) and that's the direction your story is going, please provide a link with some writing samples and information about said genre.

First group of writers: Suh and Cormorant.

Second group: Airplanegirl, therivercharley, Clio, and NamedChanged.

Third Group: RedWriter, Kelkelkel, Slay Belle and Korra.

Fourth Group: Woobie the Lock, NikkiDix, stasia, Question_of-the-fact, and iamstucklockesout.


Group Five: DFunkAtWork, PhDad, katmelon and PhilipKVagina.

(More to come as I hear back from more people. )

How this works:
The first group of writers are going to write up to five pages about whatever the hell they want involving the plot (Story A, B, C and D.) The second group of writers are going to be able to read all of this and choose which story they want to branch off of. We don't care which one you choose but make sure that it somehow connects with one or all of the stories (so if you choose story A, you can connect B, C, and/or D in your own writing.)
The third group is going to do the same, and so forth.
When you're done, email me at Once I get all the stories, I'll make a post with all of them and give the next group of writers the go-ahead (the deadline will be exactly one week after I post the stories.)



One day, in a populated city, the government of that city just disappears one day, leaving the city alone, without explanation.