We have a start of the story! If you're still interested, respond to this post so I can organize everyone's part.

Here's the beginning (thank you athingwithfeathers):

The Khomms and venttsre were scrappling out in yellow and blue oozin's when Freiskel heard the upclickclunk of the Salutationscits beginning to broadcast. "The clickclicclunkWhine!group will be friccccclllsljkd.."the measage was lost, devoured in the roar, flamed in the flashing of the stepslide drag of the rush. In the coolstream of soft quiet Freiskel took a moment to consider her options. Options,Sheeezzzz. Options implied odds of greater than nothing.

Overhead in the stepslidedrag of the First Disc Flaming, she feathered her tendrils, waving them distractedly and annoying every male passerby. She tapped her digits against her pearly whites and pinks. Options. Hisss! went the large blue and gray faced creeper. Mon Santos! She hadn't heard him come up til he was all but on top of her ! Annoyed at her residence in a public way and her distinct indifference to his importance, he puffed up high colored and started to display- Freiskel turned and snarled. She very deliberately pulled back her lips and flashed impressive fangs. A deep growl, beginning at birth and echoing down the short summers of his youth sprang from her chest and wrapped itself convincingly around his legs and genitals and brain. He froze and began to palely shrink, looking so much like a slug in salt that Freiskel could barely maintain her growl.

"Many pardmmms hmmm…" floated by Freiskel's ears as the melting apparition stepslidedrag stepslide drag into the last of the First Disc Flaming.

P.S. We can use all, some or none of this story.