Probably 18 or 19. Haven't been working, so tired, finally went to doctor and I'm all hypothyroid again. It's this thing that happens because I don't have a thyroid and I just get really really tired. It's why it's been so hard to concentrate and I've been so tired.

I will give you a scary chart to see all the things it does to you when you're hypothyroid. (Is this called "concern trolling"? I saw that term the other day. I'm just passing information and if you choose to feel deeply sorry for me because I'm troupering through this despite this debilitating tiredness, who am I to question your wise and compassionate soul? But really, is that concern trolling?)

I have been working on the novel every day. Well except Saturday and Sunday I just stayed in bed.

Well then today was going to the doctor and stuff. So yeah, my goal of working every day is already over.

So I will have a new goal, to get unhypothyroid, within a week or so, and I'll be able to get back in this, probably in a few days.


Novel writing is not for wimps. But unlike, I don't know, some task that doesn't require your brain, writing requires your brain, and when the brain's not working, there's no other task you can do, like, I can't let my feet write the novel for a while. They would like that, though, I can tell, my toes are tapping.

OK, back to bed.

No excuses for anyone else. You all keep writing until you can't, because.