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Another Argument for Making Pluto a Planet Again

I have what I think is a good argument for giving Pluto back its planet status. It’s more multi-part. And it has something to do with honor and ethics.

1) Somebody put in a lot of eyestrain and a lot of midnight oil, trying to pinpoint that o-so-far-out object. We all know who that is. May he r.i.p.

2) We *said* it was a planet, so we shouldn’t take that back, for the sake of Pluto’s discoverer, and the sake of all the brains who worked (and are working on NH), we should honor Pluto with the planet distinction that it merits. This means that, imo, we need to make a special exception for Pluto.

3) We once singled out planets from other objects, because they didn’t twinkle, but mainly because it looked like they were “wandering”. Of all the bodies we have called “planet”, Pluto has got to be the most accomplished wanderer of them all.


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