Three Dogs at a BBQ

A chiwawa, a doxin, and a poodle show up at a bbq. All of them take a shot at getting at the meat that’s on the grill.

They jump and jump and jump, but it’s just no good.

“We’ll never do it”, said the chiwawa.
“Nope, not at this rate”, said the doxin.
“May as well forget it, “ said the poodle. “The steaks are just too…

The Ex-Sailor's Gripe

When I left the navy, I was overwrought and confused by all the changes that had happened in the civilian world. You might say it was a bit of a culture shock. No one cared much for a navy man’s antics in the wider scheme of things. Mostly it was the drinking-while- submerged bits. They couldn’t understand why I’d…